Emergent Musics

Welcome to emergentmusics.org, a website I maitain on work I've done with generative/algorithmic music composition ("I" being Mark Conway Wirt, and this being my personal website).

The site was maintained in all it's Web 1.0 glory and goodness from around 2007 to 2023.

It went down a few days ago. It was a Joomla site, and I hadn't given it much love in several years (in fact, for the past few i couldn't even log into the administrative side of it owing to bugs in one of the plugins. Now, however:

Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /home/public/libraries/vendor/joomla/string/src/phputf8/ord.php on line 28

Twice I've recreated the Joomla site, and frankly I'm not going to do it again. I don't like (or even know, at this point) PHP. I don't like maintaining websites. Heck, I find the whole Content Management System/SEO/Have a great website yea! ecosystem kind of icky. Everyone is trying to sell you something, everyone is hustling.

I don't want to hustle. I want to provide music and information. For free. No questions asked.

My site was popular in some ways. People downloaded the music. There was a time when a Google web query on "mathematics and metaphysics" would bring back one of the essays above-the-fold.

So I will bring it back to restore access to the music and the more popular essays. But not within the icky "website" domain. I'll just make it a simple, static site. Like my personal website.

Heck, too bad Firefox dropped support – I could back port this to Gopher otherwise…

So in a few weeks it will be back. Probably.

I imagine no one really cares. After all, it's not a Facebook site, and Facebook sucked the life out of the Internet anyway…

Thanks guys. I'll be seeing you.


(It may have looked dated, but it had it's own retro appeal :) )

Author: Mark Conway Wirt

Created: 2023-09-03 Sun 16:29