I am pleased to announce the availability of the first recording of emergent musics. The music is freely distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

About the Music

The music on this recording is a product of the theory and approach detailed on the site EmergetMusics.org.

To provide a solid introduction to this music, a recording of 10 short compositions was prepared. All compositions are "emergent musics" in the most formal sense: all music was created generatively from the Theory of Emergent Musics, and no changes or alterations were made for aesthetic reasons. The compositions were created with an eye (and ear) towards the "maximally emergent," which is to say that as little design and artistic intent was employed as was possible. Or course, aesthetic decisions must always be made in any art (and this was the case with the music at hand), but a concerted effort was made to allow the music to arise on its own accord as much as was feasible. Decisions were made to tie the compositions together in an aesthetic sense (mostly in the choice on instrumentation and the choice of the frequency cycles employed), but the musics themselves guided their own unfolding.

Each piece is rather minimal in its execution. For each composition one melodic fragment was employed (ranging from a few notes to a few bars), and at most three simple transformative processes were employed. Much more complicated and "designed" musics are possible in this framework (and will be released in the future), but I decided to keep things relatively simple for this introduction.

Concerning Distribution

This music is distributed under licensing terms that allow you to freely copy, share, and use the music in any way that you see fit (provided that is is non-commercial). However, I would ask that if you want to share this music with someone that you direct them to this site (assuming they have the ability to download music). This will allow me track how many people are downloading (and hopefully listening to and enjoying) the music. This is not a legal requirement, but I ask that you consider the request anyway.

Download the Music

The compositions are distributed as variable-rate MP3s, and are bundled together in a ZIP file. To download the music, save the following link to your hard drive (in most browsers this is done by right-clicking the link and choosing the "save" option). After it has been downloaded the file may be un-zipped and the MP3s may be played.

If you do not wish (or are unable) to download and save the music to your computer, this page will stream to music directly to you (but you must have Flash and Javascript to do so).

Comments, kudos, and condemnations can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank you for choosing to listen. I hope you find it worth your time.


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