Alas, good things come to and end, and Psilly's site it no more.  I've posted the review here -- hope he doesn't mind:


“Emergent Musics” by Mark Conway Wirt is a collection of music that, like some magical audio gardener, he has grown from a series of self-organising seeds. He has taken these seeds and placed them in a mathemusical greenhouse based on drawings by the invisible hand of emergence. They are lit by the sun of his creative imagination and watered delicately with the crystal purity of his aesthetic sensibilities. They flower into marvellous rotating parasols and unfurl spiral curls around cones of sonic delight. They plink like the translucent threads of a (philip) glass piano trying to dance on a (terry riley) rainbow. They pluck at the occult parabolas of transcendent geometries with tiny ears on the tips of their fingers. They are the sound of a waterfall in a sky-blue porcelain cave; the musical tremblings of a spider’s web tickled by triangular flies that don’t fear death; a jungle breeze playing dot-to-dot with its own discrete particles…

That’s my theory anyhow, as you can probably gather, it’s best put to the test…

Download everything for free at *emergentMusics* (and while you’re at it why not investigate the intriguing *theory behind it all*.)

A special thanks goes to Psilly over at FleshPrism for the warm and wonderful review he penned of Emergent Musics (and the great illustration he created for it).

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"mt_ignore: Emergently Musical" by psilly, Ink & Watercolour on Paper, 15 x 28cm. (2010)

"Emergently Musical" by psilly, Ink & Watercolour on Paper, 15 x 28cm. (2010)